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end of year fic meme!

Number of fics written: 19 (including wips but i only have a couple)
Total word count: 42,038 it feels like a lot... but at the same time i'm v disappointed in myself
Chronological breakdown:

milk shinee, jonghyun/key
ice skating exo, lu han/sehun
lunch exo, kris/tao

black and white super junior, kyuhyun/zhou mi

我爱着你到永远 super junior, kyuhyun/zhou mi

summer sunshine super junior, kyuhyun/zhou mi

violets are blue (but they can be purple too) exo, baekhyun/chanyeol
more than that exo, kris/kyungsoo
where the heart is super junior, han geng/yesung

every step that i take exo, chen/suho (lu han/suho)

let down your hair exo, chen/suho
impression super junior, kyuhyun/zhou mi
burnt exo, lu han/suho

Overall Thoughts

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
i guess more? my memory's awful so i have no idea what i thought i was doing at the beginning of this year, but i don't think i thought writing would become such a big part of my life!

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?
shinee (but that's just because my friend asked me to) and exo, definitely exo. i mean, i'd written something for exo in 2012 but i kinda just thought it would be a one-time thing. i didn't even like exo all that much back then lol

What's your own favorite story of the year?
every step that i take! it's one of the first fics i've written with actual plot lmao and also just something i am very proud of ;u;

Did you take any writing risks this year?
uhh i guess with every step that i take, that was the first time i really thought about and tried to write an au? oh and i tried to be funny

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?
i want to write more! and faster. and better lmao

From my past year of writing, what was...:

My best story of this year: every step that i take

My most popular story of this year: i'm not really sure haha most of them were about the same

The story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: where the heart is & every step that i take :( where the heart is especially actually i'm really proud of that one too

The most fun story to write: this is really hard actually maybe my chenpionships fic???? also possibly impression because that was written in an excited haze at like 4 am so i mean

The story with the single sexiest moment: more than that, when kyungsoo shoves kris up against the wall and kisses him until he's breathless (◡‿◡✿)

The most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: whispers i once tried to write porn and then i deleted it nobody's ever allowed to see it bye

The story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: where the heart is, maybe? i think prior to that i'd never really thought about them as characters, and i really had to think about who i thought they were (and who they were in the fic i remixed) before i wrote!

The hardest story to write: the first three drabbles from january pmsl i'm so bad with requests

The biggest disappointment: the qmi i wrote in june bc i worked on that for FOREVER and it turned out so bad hahahahaha

The biggest surprise: FLOWER BAEKHYUN FIC i still can't believe i wrote that pls

The most unintentionally telling story: that untitled thing because i think esp the first couple of parts were really kind of me when i was younger, and i thought a lot about my own grandmother when i was writing it ;u; and the last part isn't my own situation, but it's sort of how i feel about the future, i guess. also possibly summer sunshine because kyuhyun's whining really expresses my feelings about the beach

Favorite Opening Line(s):
"'I still can’t believe you burned my kitchen down,' Kyungsoo hisses." (burnt)
"she's a little girl when she steps in the tent, small and innocent and naive." (untitled)

Favorite Closing Line(s):
“'You’ll never have a flower that sparkles like Baekhyun does.'” (violets are blue)
“'I’m just really, really happy I burned your kitchen down.'” (burnt)
"Like this, Han Geng thinks that even this place feels a little bit like home." (where the heart is)

Favorite 5 Lines from Anywhere:
"And with every step he takes, Joonmyun only wants to go back even more." (every step that i take)

"There's no music—he doesn't have any, hasn't had any in a long time—but somehow he still hears the familiar melodies in his head, feels the drum beats that he still remembers from the festivals he danced in, back in China; sometimes he dances to those routines that are etched into his memory, wild and fast and invigorating, and he can almost see the red and gold lanterns all around, the costumed performers walking nearby on stilts, the crowds of people gathered along the sides of the parade, not all paying attention, but caught up in the incredibly lively atmosphere." (where the heart is)

"You’d think the people that claim to be heroes would be braver, at least a little more persevering, but one glare from Jongdae can send most of them running." (let down your hair)

"He's free, he's teetering, and he lets himself fall." (我爱着你到永远)

"It practically sparkles." (violets are blue)

Top 5 Scenes from Anywhere You Would Choose to Have Illustrated:

1. joonmyun and lu han pinky-swearing in every step that i take ;;
2. author zhou laughing at dumb kyuhyun after he's all like "you are so unphotogenic"
3. joonmyun smiling at jongdae from the window of the tower after he's climbed all the way up and the light's hitting him just right and his cheeks are a little bit pink aND SUHO ISN'T EVEN MY BIAS WHY AM I SAYING THIS
4. qmi eating 豆浆油条 together on their breakfast date
5. joonmyun climbing up girl!jongdae's hair????

Fic-writing goals for 2013: i have so many things i'd love to write so hopefully this year i'll be able to finally get to them all! i'd really like to do something really plotty (and finally write something over 10k SIGHS) and master the ~art of writing horror~ because I LOVE HORROR SO MUCH

soooo thanks so much to everyone who's helped me this year ;u; i'm so glad i was able to make so many friends and meet so many amazing people!! thank you to daisy for always cheering me on, and stars_in_love for being my beta for almost everything these days, and parkourdeer for always staying up and/or basically dropping everything to help me with things ;;;; AND TLIST you're all amazing and i love you a lot annnnd this is like 5 days late but happy new year! here's to another great year of writing \o/
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